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We see the opportunity to shape a phenomenal world. A humanity that comes to fruition in authentic power, breaking free from fear and illusion. LuMens supports this process with podcasts, books and conversations. Take a look around our site, great to have you here.


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LuMens Podcasts in English

You are already enlightened - Lars Muhl at LuMens

About Collective Consciousness - Rupert Sheldrake at LuMens

Magic - A true trilling story - Jan Golembiewski at LuMens

Our intention

Our intention is to develop, spread and integrate a vision for an authentic society that flourishes in harmony through podcasts and books. We thus show an alternative to 'the old'. It also offers a mental safety net for a world in decline: there is light. We love it when you watch and contribute in your own way. Your input is also welcome and desired.



Our finances

If you find what we make valuable, we would like to invite you to donate a fee without obligation. This is how we stay up and running. Your donation also stimulates the quality and reach of LuMens. We are independent and do not receive advertising money, subsidies or state support. Your contributions are therefore essential for LuMens.


LuMens is realized by different people on different projects. Check out our team page to find out more about who we are.

Why this initiative?

We believe that every person wants to live together with their loved ones in peace, love and joy. However, the global increase in duality and polarization is causing more and more conflict and imbalance. This creates an increasing need for change, unity and a new vision.

Our 'why', what drives us in this initiative, comes from within. It is the desire to bring something positive into the world.

How and what?

The books, podcasts and conversations can powerfully reinforce each other to achieve even further deepening and integration. What LuMens gives the stage to contains both concrete visions and insights from various writers, specialists and teachers. In this way, wisdom and initiatory knowledge from all directions are brought together to achieve unity and truth, away from divisions and illusions. The current state of affairs is also regularly discussed in order to provide a contrast and to point out deviations. These can sometimes be bitter realizations.

In our vision for a new world, the inner world is the starting point: inspired people create an inspired world.

If you find this initiative valuable, you can help if you want. This can be done, for example, by distributing our content (such as podcasts and books) through your own channels and groups, so that it can inspire more people. We do this together. Let's walk each other Home.

Vision and mission

Our vision is that every person can live in harmony with his or her environment, with other people as well as with themselves, animals and nature. However, we note an increase in degradation. Opinions are increasingly diverging and groups are becoming divided. It is the mission of all of us to reconnect people at the most fundamental levels and transform the growing anger and fear into a constructive new direction. LuMens intends to inspire a positive process of awareness, growth and concrete realization.

If, with our combined forces, we can contribute to a new society that no longer excludes anyone, then our mission has been successful.

We wish you lots of inspiration and a special journey through our books and podcasts. And who knows, see you soon!

LuMens - Consciously observe and wonder